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The Mural & The Maker is available in print (directly from only), on iBooks (for anyone using an iPad/iPhone), as a .pdf (for any other devices), and on Kindle. We have not found a way to make the Kindle version free, and it does not have the photos in it, so we are not emphasizing the Kindle version.


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Here is a summary of the book that we recommend: "That moment when you decide, I'm going to be a writer, and all the memories you don't really want to remember flood your mind. But you need the flood because you will come out of it a different person. For three years I have been writing bittersweet vignettes of motherhood. Times of devastation, like when I found out my son had Down syndrome. Or that time I knelt on the bathroom floor and cried in agony as I said goodbye to another unborn baby. The days of joy as I found humor from my children. The unexplainable moment when I delivered my daughter in the shower. It's all here. I am learning to trust in the brush strokes of the Maker. When parts of the painting look awkward, I have to remember that there is a bigger picture. I ask him to help me find beauty in what I don't understand."

If you would like to include a quote from the book, here are some good ones to start with:

  • "The day we wept for our lost plans was the day our lives became more complete. The loss we felt in the pit of our stomach was actually breathtaking beauty in disguise. I am grateful for the heartache we went through because it has changed my perspective on life. I want to love the unloved. I want to find joy when it seems so difficult to find. I want to speak of hope when everything feels hopeless."—Natalie Falls, The Mural & The Maker
  • "Although today might be difficult, and I feel like there is nothing more than what's in front of me, I remember that there is a bigger picture. There is a painting, a mural that only covers a corner of the wall. Some parts of the painting seem a little awkward and hard to understand, but I trust the Maker. I ask Him to help me find beauty in what I don't understand."—Natalie Falls, The Mural & The Maker

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