Why Would I Have A Home Birth?

Once, someone told me I was barbaric for giving birth to my children at home. In the same sentence he also told me I was awesome. My response, "Thank you?..."

Usually I am told that I am brave for having home births. Then they will go on to tell me of the brave birthing-godess I am for having my babies at home. They say they could never be the brave warrior-birthing-baby-goddess like I am because their pain tolerance isn't high enough.

I have to say, having three home births and planning our fourth has brought the most enjoyable conversations into my life. All I have to say is "home birth," and opinions, concerns, and visuals of a redheaded barbaric-goddess flood their mind.

So why do I like having my children at home?

I guess it goes back to 1982 when my mom had me at home. I grew up hearing her stories and never got tired of them. I was fascinated with how she delivered all her children with her own hands. She would talk about the family members that were in the house. My aunt took pictures. Some relatives were downstairs sleeping on the couch while others made coffee. Other aunts were in charge of waking the older siblings when the time was right. Everything was exactly how my mom wanted it.

When I got pregnant with Vitali, my mom's birth stories flooded my mind. I couldn't wait to experience my own home birth stories.

After having my first baby at home, I was hooked and can't imagine doing it any other way. I like that I can invite anyone I want into my home, and no one is unfamiliar to me. I can walk, stand, sit in water, have a baby in water, eat, drink, turn music on, then demand that people turn the music off. I like that Aaron can be my voice, my midwife is my friend, and my children can experience the first sweet moments of welcoming their sibling into our lives. 

While I sit upstairs in awe of the new miracle that has just changed my life, I can hear the after party. From a distance I can here wine glasses clinking, men chatting over cigars, and cousins screaming with the excitement of being together.

So why do I have my children at home? It is really simple, I just love it. I'm not out to prove anything or show off any brave birthing skills. I love how familiar everything is and the part that my family has in our baby's life—from the very first breath.


© 2014 Natalie Falls