When The Hard Days Come, Will I Wish Them Away?

The weight of my fourth child pushed down on my right hip, leaving me with a sharp pain and a not-so-attractive pregnancy limp. 

Sometimes days, I really struggle to be thankful. Am I thankful for the little girl who whines most of the day? Am I thankful for the boy who smiles with the sweetest smile, as I'm frustrated to have to change another dirty pair of underwear. Am I thankful for him, potty trained or not? The wild red redhead that pushes me to my last nerve, am I thankful for him? And the little babe that weighs heavy on my insides…am I thankful for him? 

The days that seem the most uncomfortable are the ones that remind me to live and breathe grace. The remind me to look at today and not wish it away. These days show me a love that is deep…one that is not about me. 

If I have to walk with a limp, pray through the whining, change his underwear for a few more years than planned, or take a deep breath as my wild son flies through the kitchen like a tornado…even if it doesn't feel good, I can be reminded that there are little eyes and beating hearts that turn me towards grace. When I feel the weight of discontentment, and the intense battle of self-pity, I can be amazed at God's faithfulness to draw me closer to himself.


© 2014 Natalie Falls