When Death Reminds You To Live

When my soul is touched by someone and my perspective is changed by their life, I feel a need to share.


Loving bigger and caring less about things that don't matter is a beautiful way to live, but sometimes it takes death to live that way. Death of someone you adore, or the death of your own life.

Breathing deeper and looking longer usually happens when we are reminded that this life is short. Usually that reminder is one of the most difficult things we will go through in life. 

In some miraculous way, God brings beauty out of the most heart wrenching circumstances. He reminds us to be desperate for him and thankful in the most intricate detail of our day.

I have never met Kara Tippetts in person, but she has touched my life in a deep way through her book, The Hardest Peace.

Today she is dying, but really she is living. She is living in a way that most of us forget to.

Before cancer, I waited on the big moments of life while trying to faithfully live through the small. That living feels foreign to me now. I now live in the large, open grace of the small moments and humbly expect the big moments to come. I may be in them, and I may not. My big moments now are not events or milestones, but appointments and treatment. The small moments have become enormous. The fire in the fireplace, the coffee in mugs, the rib tickles, the learning to apply makeup, the singing out loud and off key—those are the huge moments. Those are the milestones.
— Kara Tippetts

Kara also has a beautiful blog, Mundane Faithfulness. I hope you are encouraged and your perspective is changed after reading about her journey. 


© 2014 Natalie Falls