True Freedom

One year ago on the 4th of July I sat at the foot of my aunt's bed. She was dying. Tears streamed down my face as she talked about her freedom. At the time we didn't know it, but she only had one more week to live on this earth. 

Today I celebrate freedom. It's the freedom my aunt talked about as she took her last breath. A freedom that would not change. Not matter what laws passed or how unstable the world felt, this freedom would never shake, it would never be taken away. It would never disappoint.

Her words were slow and focused. Her eyes looked at me, hoping I could grasp the most important words she could ever say, "A life with Christ is a life well-lived."

And she is right. No matter how this world crumbles. No matter what devastation there is in our lifetime, the freedom of Christ will always stand. There is no country, no flag, no law that could ever be more powerful than the freedom I have in Christ. As I live and as I die may I speak the same freedom my aunt did: "A life with Christ is a life well-lived."

Our help does indeed come from Him, our sufferings connect us with Jesus as we know Him in them, we do experience both the tribulation in this world and the cheer of His overcoming it, and we hang on to the proof that His love for us is not in our circumstances—it is at the cross of Christ. When no one else can be there—He is!
— Carolyn Koch (Aunt Carolyn)


© 2014 Natalie Falls