Through Their Eyes

She's only two and she feels the need to create. We talk about the detail we see in life. The intricate beauty we get to enjoy every day. Through her eyes, I notice color and creation. Moments that are simple, but truly fascinating. I spend a lot of time teaching and training my little ones how to navigate their lives, sometimes I forget to let them teach me. Through their eyes, there are innocent discoveries that I have forgotten about...

I am amazed by her fascination with the vibrant colors that saturate a piece of white paper.

I feel more alive as I watch him burst into laughter, excited at the air that comes rushing into his face.

Intrigued by experiments; solids melting, water evaporating, ice expanding. His eyes widen and his heart beats faster. He sees what I forget to see.

They remind me to be fascinated by detail. The intricate gifts I take for granted.


© 2014 Natalie Falls