The Story Of Jude & Fi

Today I'm sharing a sweet friend I met through Instagram. Though we are miles a part and have never met in person, our hearts our connected. We both walk the sweet journey of Down syndrome together...and because of that, our hearts are united. Shannon is such a beautiful woman and so talented. Here is a little bit of her creative side...

"Fi is for my daughter Fiona who was my inspiration for making these clips. She wouldn't keep anything in her hair and I wanted to grow her bangs out. I am a hair stylist and we use these little wig clips and sew them into hair wefts for clip in hair extensions.  While big bows are cute, they are way too easy for little hands to get a good grasp on and just pull. The design needed to be flat and light weight but still eye catching.

 My mother loved to cross stitch- but she rarely finished a project. She passed away almost two years ago and I came across piles and piles of embroidery thread in the things I have of hers. I stitched a design on a piece of felt and fell in love with the look.  Even more so I loved that I found yet another way to keep my mom's memory around. Her name was Judie but those close to her often called her Jude. So became Jude&Fi! You can find all the available styles at JudeandFi


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