The Other Side Of Abortion

I don't have to stand on a corner and hold up signs and posters of babies whose lives are taken by abortion. I don't have to post articles on Facebook that make your stomach queasy and your eyes well up with tears. I don't have to show anger toward the doctor performing an abortion or the mother who has scheduled her final appointment. 

I have days when I feel restless because I want to do more. I want to save a mother from heartache and a baby from meaningless death. Some days I feel anger and I don't know what to do with it. I think of strategies to intercept the mother walking into her appointment at our local abortion clinic. I practice conversations in my mind of what I would say to those doctors. I ask God to give me opportunities.

Ever since I had my second baby, Elias, abortion wasn't just a distant thought anymore. It was a harsh reality. I feel haunted by the fact that 92% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted. It weighs heavy on my thoughts.

Some people might ask, "Why do you care? It's their choice!"

Some people would tell me, "Stay out of it, let them live their life!"

This is why I care, this is why I will not stay out of it...

Every day I spend time with a little boy who totally, completely, without a doubt loves his life. He loves it so much that it makes me, my husband, and his brother and sister enjoy life more. We actually enjoy our lives more with him in it! Some of the things we enjoy most about him are the beautiful qualities of him having Down syndrome.

I care and I won't stay out of it, because there are people who need to know what I have. There are people that live in fear because they never hear the other side of the story. I want to tell them that story. How awful that a mother has to live with the guilt of death because I kept my mouth shut. Because I was too scared to speak truth. 

If a woman is going to make a real choice, she needs to know about life too. That won't happen at an abortion clinic. She's not going to have a chance to hear the other side. The laughter her child will bring her. The joy that changes the way she sees life.

I don't have to stand on a corner and hold up signs and posters of how ugly abortion is. I hold a little boy's hand instead. I walk with him and we tell the world that his life is valuable. This side of the story is beautiful…it is worth living.


© 2014 Natalie Falls