The Last Days...

We are counting down the days until our family of five turns into a family of six. Everyone is dreaming about what our little guy will look like and all the things he will get to do with us…join the construction crew, cuddle in our beds, his first debut with nail polish…And Vitali has given us a play-by-play of the terrifying things he will do to the bad guys that try to beat up his little brother. He will be well-protected. 

Most days I am nervous to be a mom of four. Trusting the Lord with another baby in our family has been something I have to do every day. I know it will all work out, I'm just a little overly emotional, and overly sensitive, and overly hormonal…and I overeat ice cream…so I'm sure it will be fine.

This week I will be washing all the newborn clothes that Vitali and Elias wore when they were little…I might cry a little…then eat some ice cream.

I will also pull out our birthing tub…then panic with the thought of pushing a baby out of my body…then have some more ice cream with extra chocolate on top.

Happy Monday friends!!


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