The Jones

The last few nights have been full of the Jones. We have stayed up too late, past our "responsible" adult bed time. We told stories and laughed until tears filled our eyes. We reminisced about our dating years and early marriage years. We talked late into the night because we knew our time was precious, we only had so much of it.

We met Chris and Evie at a small Bible school in Michigan. Then we followed each other out to Missouri to begin our training as missionaries. Our plan was to reach an unreached people group and translate the Bible into an unwritten language. After four years of training, we knew God had a different plan for us when Elias was born. But Chris and Evie continued on, taking a piece of our hearts with them. As we listened to their stories and how life has changed for them over the last four years, we felt inspired by them. It has taken us many years to let go of a dream, the life we thought we would live. We are still learning to be present in the life God has planned out for us. I know that contentment will always be a challenge for me, but by God's good and perfect grace he reminds me that my life has value wherever I am. 

As we talked and laughed with each other my heart was full. I felt so proud of my friends, not because they have done everything perfect, but when life was really difficult they learned to value others more than themselves...a way I hope to live and teach my children.


© 2014 Natalie Falls