I'm not sure if I should call it nesting or panic mode…"I better get this done now, or it will never happen once the baby comes!" 

So I painted. I painted the bathroom, because that is where a pregnant lady should paint. Pee, paint, pee, paint.

Then I planted more succulents. Not only are they pretty, but they are survivors...And since my life is in survival mode, I'm kinda in love with them. Even the ones I thought I've killed have come back to life! They love me even when I neglect them…we have a beautiful relationship. I call them mommy plants.

Along with the little nesting/panic projects, I have been trying to enjoy the last days of the little guy growing in my belly. I lay awake at night and enjoy his movements. There is something precious about not knowing anything about him and anticipating the first moment we lock eyes. I laugh at his 2am hiccups and dream about how his life will change our family. I know this last month is a gift, I don't want to forget that.


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