Hope Spoken

My story is just one of many stories. It is part of the intricate brushstrokes God is using to paint an incredible masterpiece of his redemption. I am humbled and so honored to be one of the speakers at Hope Spoken next year, spring of 2016! In the last four years I have learned that people connect with honesty. Other women, like the ones that will be at this conference, will connect with my broken self and the beautiful hope I have in Christ. 

Through all my failures, it is by the power of Christ that there is any hope at all. My story, my life would be nothing without him! 

I wasn't able to go the Hope Spoken this year since it was so close to my due date…and I thought that whoever I would have sat next to on the plane wouldn't want me to have a baby in their lap!…So I decided to stay home. Here is a little bit about my trip from last year, Hope Spoken 2014.


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