Crown Of Flowers

With all the sleepless nights and long days, the beauty of these pictures do not portray the reality of everyday life. But it is symbolic of the honor it is to be a mother. I've learned something in the last seven years of being a mom: beauty does not come in the form of a good night's rest, well-behaved children, a clean house, or even a shower and makeup. The most breathtaking beauty is when someone is willing to lay their life down for others.

The life of a mother isn't a crown of flowers or the romantic glow of the afternoon sun. It is hard work. Day in and day out sacrifice. It is an on-your-knees type of giving. Giving when you feel like you have nothing left to give.

Motherhood is an honor because it teaches you how to look past your own needs and give to the little ones that will carry on your legacy. It is also a mystery—the more you give, the more God gives you in return.


All florals were designed by Tulip. Photos were captured by Nicole. They are the most amazing ladies! I am so thankful to have these memories to look back on. 


© 2014 Natalie Falls