Behind The Clothes

It is such an honor to share with you weestructed. I met Sarah, the sweet mama who started this family owned business back when her son and Elias were in a mommy-and-me swim class together. She is so sweet and very talented...

"It was always a dream of mine to be a designer, ever since I was little and had that stencil plate design toy. Remember the one that you rub the crayon over and then get to color in the clothes? Seriously, I have loved sketching outfits and altering clothing since I was a wee one myself. I had my own style early on and my mother will tell you, she couldn't tell me what to wear or how to wear my clothes even as a little one. I always had to put my own spin on it somehow, very Punky Brewster inspired. It wasn't till becoming a mom and exploring my love for little fashion did I fully get into it. I just couldn't find clothes in the colors and styles that I wanted for my babes. I mean, where can you find a pair of Aqua blue linen pants for a baby boy? Nowhere, so I made them. And skirts for Lily. Then when Fletcher came along I wanted cool bibs in Organic prints, so I made them...and BAM!!! Weestructed was born with the encouragement of my supportive husband and a few awesome local moms that asked to purchase things they had seen on my babes...paying customers, wait what?! I can do something I love and make some money while doing it? Little did I realize that my childhood dream was slowly turning into a reality—it's surreal, I still can't believe it!"


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