Baby Mae

How do I put into words the amount of respect I have for my sister-in-law as I watched her bring her daughter into this world?

How do I communicate the depth of love that grew unexpectedly, spreading its roots more than they could have ever imagined, as they welcomed their little girl into their lives? 

It was nine months of working through fear and the "what if's". I remember Nicole telling me how she wanted to trust the Lord with this birth. She desperately wanted to experience a VBAC and a natural birth, but she also wanted to be okay with God's plan…whatever that may be.

The sun shone delicately through the window of their little home on wheels. The home that holds miles of memories. He would lean over to kiss her, touch her face, or rub her back. He wanted to give her a piece of his love to help her through. 

After a night of contractions, laboring in their Rialta, a complete natural birth in the hospital, and three passionate hours of pushing, Lee held out his hand and caught his little gift. He placed all 6 pounds of love onto Nicole's fast beating heart. A rush of laughter and tears of joy filled the room. Mae Carolyn Koch was immediately surrounded by love.

How precious are the first moments of new life. Meeting the one you've been waiting for and dreaming about. The little one you would do anything for, no matter what the pain of labor, or agony of the push. You just met her and you would give her your life.

We are all so excited about Mae. What a sweet little blessing to our family. Mae makes cousin number 10!


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