A Simple Way To Talk To Your Children About Someone Like My Son…Someone Who Is Different

In the last few years we've had a lot of conversations with Vitali about how some people might look and act differently than most people. Of course, it all started as he noticed that his little brother was not talking like other kids his age. He began to see that Elias would do things that seemed a little odd, like giving him a big puppy lick right up the side of his face. Or running into the street, not understanding danger like other kids would.

Vitali has had to work through a few things as he has noticed more and more that his little brother is not like other kids. As he is trying to wrap his mind around these things, we are as well. Loving people and the unique way God has made them is an ongoing discussion in our home. Do we value these people? Not just show them kindness, but do we really value their life?

Many people ask how they should explain to their children about Elias…"Give them a heads-up before they come to our home." I tell them that this is something we should be talking about all the time as parents. We should be modeling for our children how to love others no matter what their disability or special need. Then hopefully it will become the new normal for their children to be around people like my son.

Books are an amazing way to start conversations and get their little brains spinning. We just found a new favorite book that is perfect as we desire to guide our children and challenge their thinking. It's about a little boy who is made fun of for his gigantic feet. Our favorite part is when Pete visits the animals in the forest and they all talk about how God made them all unique. 

Pete & His Gigantic Feet is a fun book and a sweet way to help guide your children as we all learn to value other's differences. We hope your family will enjoy this book as much as we do!

Vitali reading the part when the bear speaks to Pete!

Vitali reading the part when the bear speaks to Pete!


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