A Little Bit Of Life

There is a lot going on in our home right now. A lot of diapers. A lot of love. Teasing and screaming seems to be the cool thing these days. A lot of tears along with laughter. Coffee...a lot of coffee. 

Most days I battle thoughts like..."Is my life purposeful enough?...Will I ever be able to read a book again without Elias licking my face and Pia coloring on the pages?...Will my children ever be potty trained?...Will I survive this season?...Will my children survive?...Is today the day we will not survive?...When was the last time I took a shower?...Why is only one of my legs shaved?"

Life is really good...I don't always feel this way, but somehow in the midst of my breakdowns, I know that what I'm doing is the most important thing.

A few weeks ago an adoptive mom told me something that I will never forget, "Just by holding your baby, you are doing so much for him. Some babies don't have that." She reminded me of the great purpose I have with my children. To look at the things that seem small and realize how big they really are.



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