A Letter To My Daughter

My precious daughter, my heart feels tender as I soak up the last moments with you being my only baby. I started laying in bed with you at night, tickling your back and talking about our day. I know you're only two-and-a-half, but it's important that I begin my friendship with you now.

It will be an adjustment for both of us as I nurture a new little life and watch you become more independent. Part of me doesn't want these days to ever go away. The other part of me gets excited thinking about you growing up and all the things we will experience together. 

I want you to know that my heart longs to be your friend. I will always be your mother, but a friendship will keep our relationship strong. We will have our days of frustration, days when you wonder if I am your friend at all…but know that you will always have a unique place in my heart. You are my only girl, your place is special and very unique. It is a beautiful thing to be your mom, no one will know your heart like I do. You are my little rose, my precious Pia Rose. 

In a few days you will know what it's like to be a big sister…and I will watch you, and fall more in love with you.


© 2014 Natalie Falls