Why Do You Write?

When I sit down at my computer or write down a few thoughts onto a blank screen, I am saying something that is important to me, something I am passionate about. I try to write without feeling the weight of what people want to hear. I write for myself and when I'm finished I invite people in, to read, judge, cry, change. 

Writing has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. To invite a complete stranger into my thoughts can be a bit terrifying. Sometimes it’s tempting to only give pieces, but I am learning that the more I write and the less I leave out, the more people can relate to me. I want to be an honest writer. I want to share what’s been given to me, and hopefully bless others. It turns out that those strangers aren’t so terrifying, they’re a lot like me.

On March 21st, three years ago, I started my blog. Actually, my husband started my blog. I was embarrassed to be called a “Mom Blogger.” He teased me, we laughed about it, and I kept writing. The reason Aaron started a blog for me was because he knew I needed it. I had a lot I was working through and he saw that writing was a lifeline for me. 

I never asked to be a mom blogger, and I never thought I would say this, but I am proud to be called one. Under the title of Mom Blogger, I think about the emails I have read, the desperate and broken hearts that have been touched because of a few of my words, words that I asked God to help me write.

There are a few things happening this spring that I didn’t ask for. Three years ago I would have been amazed at the opportunities given to me, all because I am willing to share what God is doing in my life. All because I am ok with being honest and truthful—even when it hurts. 

I write because I need to. When I try to articulate the things I am struggling through, or the things I am amazed by—I change. I look at the words I have written and I see honesty, and sometimes I don’t want to look at it. I want to cover it up, shut it out, because when I write honestly and I show the transparency of my heart, I see that God wants to do a work in my life. I see that He has so much more for me, and He is not giving up on me. Writing has made me more thankful. It is a way to slow down and describe a moment that I never want to forget with my children, or my husband, or a kind stranger. 

So if you asked me, “Why do you write?” I would tell you, “Because I need to, it has changed me. It has made me fall more in love with God, and the details of life that He wants me to notice. It has made me realize that difficult things are good to write down, and honesty is powerful.”



© 2014 Natalie Falls