When You Grow Up

Tonight I talked to you in your sleep. I stroked your hair and asked you questions. I told you my thoughts. Your eyelids twitched as my words found their way into your dreams.

Will you be a motivational speaker, talking to parents that are desperate for hope? Stuttering over your words, but making it very clear how much you love life.

Will you visit the hospital and hold babies that look a lot like you did when you were born?

Will you have a blog? Will you be a Photographer like Oliver? Will you write a book? Will you be a musician like Uncle Lee?

I kissed your cheek and asked you if you'll let me go to Europe with you. Can I sit with you in Italy and eat pasta, pizza, and gelato?

I love you Elias, you can do whatever you want. I will stand by you and remind you that your life has great purpose.

Nothing is wrong with working at McDonald's, son, but tell me…What are you passionate about? I want to help you reach your dreams.


© 2014 Natalie Falls