When Fear Becomes A Reality

I frantically scanned the room while my teeth scraped the nail polish off of my fingers. One moment Elias was sitting down with us, the next he was gone. We didn't know if he ran out the doors of the restaurant that opened into the busy street, or if he was lost in the crowd. People were everywhere. My heart was pounding. I felt like screaming, "Look for my son! He's four and he has Down syndrome!" Just as I was about to start screaming it, a sweet girl who made the pizzas walked out of the kitchen with her hands on Elias' shoulders. I could breathe again. He was only gone for two minutes, but it was just long enough for my worst nightmare to become a reality. I pressed Elias' cheek to mine, "You stay close to mama, don't leave mama." Elias didn't react to what I said, and I don't know if he understood what he had done. I think he was just interested in finding out where he could get another slice of pizza.

I've talked to other moms who have a child with special needs and they know this fear I'm talking about. The fear of them wandering away and they can't tell the nice lady who found them that their mommy has red hair and their daddy is really tall. 

Today I am thanking God that it was only two minutes. Thanking him that Elias wanted more pizza instead of a breath of fresh air by the busy street.

Grace is more real to me today. Oh how I love my boy! He keeps me on my toes.



© 2014 Natalie Falls