What I Think About When The Roof Leaks

My husband squeezes my hand, his head is hanging down, like he needs a break from life. He thanks God for our food and the provision in our lives. But he and I know that we have had times of struggle, believing that there is provision. When our roof leaks and water spills onto our bathroom floor, waking us up in the middle of the night, drip drip drip. Two days before the dripping, his car wouldn’t start. The day after the dripping, the rugged fence in our backyard blew over. Life feels like a steady drip, waking me up, reminding me that my life doesn’t go as planned. It is fragile and temporary. 

I squeeze his hand back and think of where we’ve been. We have seen and tasted provision. When we had no direction, we were given a path.When we couldn’t pay for food, there was a meal or a job. When there was death and the world felt dark, we were given new life

The dripping seems distant as I think of all that’s been given to us. The beating hearts of my three children, the rising and falling of my husband’s chest as I lay next to him. My mind may forget, but with every breath I should be reminded of what I’ve been given. When life shows me that it is fragile and temporary and things don’t go my way, that is when I should notice what I do have. 

Even with the drip there is provision. A path. A meal. New life.



© 2014 Natalie Falls