Today Is Here

We all hopped in the car. It was filled with warm jackets, firewood, and three perfect ingredients; chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. We talked about shooting our bow and arrows, playing board games, and enjoying a cozy fire. 

We looked off the windy road at the breathtaking views. We all pointed out the window and made sure the person next to us was seeing how high up we were. And, to our surprise, we found patches of snow. These little white patches were new to our kids. We were determined to find a sled-worthy spot.

When we flung open the door to our cabin I immediately let out a sigh. It was our sweet little home for four days. A place that we would make memories, take pictures, and stay up late after the kids went down. We needed this time. We needed to slow down and just be together. Just us. 


I will never forget the picture in my mind of my three children walking around in their puffy little snow jackets, exploring. Enjoying life. Reminding me to enjoy life. 


Sometimes I forget what's most important. I get scared of failing as a mom or losing someone I love. I wrap my mind around things that are wasteful. I am busy, in a hurry, and absorbed in the future. These things take over my life and thoughts. I forget to look out the window at the breathtaking views. I look past my children in their puffy little snow jackets.


The beauty and the flaws of today are all intertwined and unique. There will never be another day like today. I want to be confident of what's important. I want to know the happiness and pain that today brings. How awful to escape today. Even in the mess, I want to grab hold of what's in front of me. I want to feel it, hear it, taste it, and see it. Their laughter, his words in my ear, her hand in mine; it's all too precious to pass by.



© 2014 Natalie Falls