The Pain Of Her Past, The Life She lives

As she spoke to me, her eyes were soft but also determined. Her words were like a beautiful garden, bursting with life. As she told me her story I could hear the cries of her childhood. Neglect left her feeling unwanted. The world used her and left her to die. Scars, humiliation and anger burned deep into her soul. Still, she talked about freedom and new life. 

She remembers what she lived through daily. The enemy approaches, attacking with full force, tugging and ripping at the scars that have taken so long to heal. Lifeless thoughts try to overtake her, wrapping powerless chains around her. In the quiet of her heart she reminds herself that the past does not hold her captive. No man can take away what she's been given—new life so abundant, and beauty so breathtaking.

She speaks to me with freedom. I cannot fully understand what she has walked through, and what she has laid in. She was left to die. No one wanted her. Her soul felt lifeless.

Only God could see the depth of her pain. He revived her lifeless soul and renewed her aching heart. 

Every day she fights the thoughts of feeling unwanted. When the scars reopen and seep the pain of the past, he reminds her of the beauty that grows inside of her. The fragrance of new life! 

Everyday she is reminded of what she's been saved from. Pulled up from the dirt, washed clean.

She tells me her story, and I am overwhelmed by her beauty. How wanted and desirable she is by her Creator. There is no person, and no thought of her own that can take away what she's been given. She walks and breathes new life.


© 2014 Natalie Falls