The Imprints Of A Father

I picked up my wet squishy newborn and held him close to me. His little head was nuzzled into my neck. In the fresh emotion of welcoming our first baby, I looked behind me and saw Aaron. He was speachless with tears streaming down his face and a huge smile. His firstborn son was here and made him a dad. 

In Aaron's first moments of holding his new baby, Vitali peed down the front of Aaron's shirt. I'll never forget how proud Aaron was. It made it that much more of a reality, he now had the markings of a dad.

Then there was the morning he watched me labor and anticipated seeing Elias for the first time. His heart raced. When I handed Elias over to him, he felt it all over again. That powerful moment of seeing your child for the first time, new life that is a part of you. 

At 3:10 a.m. I yelled Aaron's name. He found me on the shower floor holding his new baby girl. He laughed, and couldn't believe that she came so fast. I watched him hold her differently than the boys. I saw a different way that he would love and protect her. 

Each breathtaking moment we have welcomed a new life into our family I have watched Aaron fall more in love with being a dad. Over and over again he has cradled them and loved them. He has felt the weight of providing for them and protecting them. I have watched him struggle through fear, and I have seen him find rest, even when things are unknown. The imprints his children have left on his heart have changed who he is. And the imprints he is leaving on their hearts—it will make them something great.


© 2014 Natalie Falls