The First Cry

I remember how she focused. The way she closed her eyes tight and tried to breathe. And his voice was gentle, his hand was loving. 


I remember how their plans changed, and how they raced to the hospital. We all held our breath as we followed close behind them. We prayed and asked God to protect Nicole and the baby. 

I watched my brother lovingly watch his wife, his beloved. He changed that day. He found a deeper dependence in God and a desperation for grace. He held Nicole and his unborn baby with open hands and turned to The Maker to sustain life.

More life, more grace.

Then he heard it—the first cry. Everything in him was drawn to this life, he would do anything for her. Nicole watched as her Beloved and best friend became a father. In a moment her love for him grew deeper.


This weekend we are celebrating Jolene's first birthday! Read more of her beautiful and unexpected birth story.



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