Ten Years Ago We Said "I Do"

Ten years is a long time to be committed to someone. A long time to stand by each other’s side, especially when they are undeserving. When I am undeserving. It is a long time to get to know someone; to see them yell and be silent, laugh and cry, sit and dance. 

In ten years we have lost our friendship and found it again. We have watched our youthful bodies slowly change. You have loved me through the change, three babies of change. We have picked each other up when the other has fallen to their face. And the days when we have both fallen, we found each other in the silence and the safety of being close.

We vowed to stay together for the rest of our lives, but we haven’t always felt that. Sometimes escape has seemed greener. But we have found that no matter what, our faithfulness to each other will always satisfy more deeply than anything else. 

In ten years we have laughed so hard that we cry. 

In ten years I have given you my best…and my worst. We understand forgiveness in a way we never knew before. 

We have tasted what only God himself could create. Then you watched my belly grow. In ten years I have lifted three babies to my face, part you and part me. But the two we lost, you kissed my belly and we said goodbye. Both moments transformed us and have made us love each other more. We have learned to love what we’ve been given today. We have learned to walked with each other through grief and happiness.

In ten years I want ten more. Our love has grown to a depth we didn’t know was possible. Forgiveness has kept us close. Grace has kept us together. Our love story is not what I imagined it would be. Every day, even the difficult ones, it is becoming more beautiful. 

Happy Anniversary my Love, I love you more today than yesterday.


© 2014 Natalie Falls