My Source

We kissed in the new year and talked of all the things we've accomplished. We dreamed of the things to come.


But I knew that the next day I would fail and forget. I knew that it was just a matter of minutes before I would rob some of the beauty and perfection from the new year. 

I picked a word for this new year. It's a dangerous word. Eight letters that I know I'll think about every day. And that word, patience, it will bring me to my knees. Daily. And I will ask my sweet Savior, "Help me!" I will come desperate. Daily. And every day, He will forgive me. He will teach me about grace. Daily.

I picked the word patience because it is so hard for me. And as some are hoping and dreaming for an easy year…well, I know better by now. I know that the sweetest of years have often been made of difficult moments. Moments that stretch and change me.

The times I have been an awful wife, and allowed bitterness to grow in my heart towards my husband…

The days I have grumbled in discontentment towards my children and was tired of being a mom…

When I wasn't a good friend…

When I failed, fell, and I couldn't get up…He picked me up. When I was tired of trying He reminded me to ask. And in all my impatience I am asking, daily: God, be my source of patience.



© 2014 Natalie Falls