My Husband Made Me A Mom Blogger

"You should start a blog." I laughed at my husband, "What? I don't want to be a mom blogger!" While I laughed, he sat down at his computer and bought my domain name, I joked around about how conceited I sounded with my name for a blog title. He smiled and ignored my stupid mom blogger jokes. He mapped out what my blog would look like and told me that my writing and photography were good and that I should have a place for it.

About a year later, I secretly was getting into this whole blogging thing. But I was a little fearful too. I asked God for direction. I prayed over and over, Please help me know what to write, and please let me know if you ever want me to stop my blog. If you want it to move forward, make it obvious to me.

One night after I put my kids to bed, I sat down and sent an email to a blogger named Casey, I had been following for a few months. I asked her if she would share my heart on her blog about Elias on World Down Syndrome Day. I sent my first mom blogger email and went to bed hopeful, but I didn't think I would get a reply. The next day I checked my email, not only was Casey excited to share my heart but that email was the start of a sweet friendship.

I remember the day I got another email from Casey. "Hey! Where do you live? Chris wants to travel America and film different bloggers. Would you want to be a part of this?" My heart was pounding at the thought of sharing my story on camera. I don't remember my exact reply, but I think it was something like, "Heck yeah!!!"

God was moving me forward and making things obvious to me.

The day Chris came to our home I sat in front of him and his camera and tried to be brave. I didn't want to misrepresent the beauty that God had given to me. I wanted to tell of the ways I had been transformed. I wanted my words to bring hope to women who would one day watch the documentary.

Today is special to me! The film, American Blogger is released. Tonight we will pop a bottle of champagne  and I will sit with my husband, the one that made me a mom blogger, and my family and friends and watch movie that represents a sweet part of my life.

I hope you can enjoy some champagne and celebrate with us…wherever you are in this world! You can purchase the film at

My advice is to  take a few minutes and download it, instead of streaming it live. It will be better quality. On the "play bar", on the right side there will be three buttons. The middle one is an arrow, this is how you download. Choose the one that says HD720P.

Enjoy!...And for fun, Instagram or email a picture of you watching American Blogger! 


© 2014 Natalie Falls