Morning Chat

Trying to make sense to a five-year-old can be very entertaining. It just so happens that my five-year-old is extremely entertaining, and it begins first thing in the morning.

He crawled up in my bed and asked how we are supposed to be fishers of men. He learned about being a fisher of men in sunday school but he wasn't satisfied with the answer his teacher gave him. He wanted to know the details; like what size fishing pole you need to catch a man? Is the man in the water alive, or just swimming? Will the hook hurt him? 

"How do we fish for people anyway mom?" Just as I was about to give my explanation, he interrupted me and said, "Oh I know, it's the dead pirates that have fallen into the sea. There's mostly bones but a little bit of flesh, for the hook."

He was satisfied with his own answer but looked up at me to see if I agreed.

I laughed and told him about how much I love his mind. 

Lets just say our conversation didn't get too far. He was more interested in being a fisher of pirates. 



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