It Was Full

We sat on the couch facing the backyard window. Our garden lights were golden. The night was still warm reminding us that we had a week left of summer, before school would begin and new chapters would open. He looked down, "Where did the summer go?" My throat tightened and my eyes blurred as I stared out the window at the summer lights. "It was full." 

In the last few months, somehow I learned to value life more. Maybe it was the night I sat on my cousin's back porch and I laughed with my sister and her as I thought about how much they mean to me. Maybe it was all the nights I woke up to check on my children. I would place my hand on their heads and think about how much I love them. Maybe it was all the times I watched my husband as he sat in front of the glow of his computer, editing my book, telling me how proud he was. Or was it that sweet time I sat next to my aunt's bed and said my goodbyes, and listened to some of her last words. Was it when we lost Elias, two different times, then we found him and my heart felt thankful in a whole new way.

I don't want to forget this summer. These moments have changed me and made me love life and people so much more. My heart is full as I think about the pain that reminds me to hope and the fear that is replaced with peace. I am learning to find joy today, and tomorrow I will learn again.


© 2014 Natalie Falls