I Know That Look!

Recently my friend had a baby and became a mom of three. When I walked into her home to take pictures, she greeted me holding her newest miracle. 


She apologized for the clothes on the floor and the cup of a leftover smoothie from one of her older kids. She told me she didn't have time to get dressed up for the pictures, the morning didn't go as planned. 

I laughed and told her how I do better work in a home that is well lived in. A home that shows the marks of life


I watched her look down at her precious girl. I was taking pictures of the baby, but I felt more focused on how my friend was looking at her little girl. I know that look! I thought to myself. I know exactly how her heart feels, and how her soul is bursting with love and gratitude for such an incredible gift. 


How sweet and tender these first moments are. How beautiful to watch and remember.



© 2014 Natalie Falls