Free Refills

I never knew how my heart would swell with happiness as I watched Elias drink out of a cup for the first time. We have been working on this with him for a few years, so you can imagine how I cheer him on with each sip. 


Some of us have to work a little harder at accomplishing our goals. Elias has been celebrating his new freedom with free refills at the refrigerator. He will fill up his cup, look down at the water with a big smile, and then take a satisfied gulp.


Something in Elias' mind clicked. One day he woke up and he was able to drink out of a cup. His little lips cradled the cup, his hands were sturdy, and his tongue knew how to push the water back into his throat. I never knew I would tear up watching one of my children drink out of a cup. Some might call Elias slow, but his life has become a bridge to joy. Because of his life, I find joy in the things that usually go unnoticed. It turns out that being slow opens your eyes to the things you would normally pass up. I can thank Elias for helping me slow down and be thankful for such sweet and simple moments.



© 2014 Natalie Falls