Cut It Out!

One of the joys of being a mother is hearing all the wonderful things that come out of your children's sweet mouths.

Vitali is really excited about being a cowboy. He tries to be as realistic as possible. No fluffy cowboys around here...

"Real cowboys smoke cigretts," He tells me. If we ever see anyone on the street smoking a cigarette, he whispers in my ear and tells me how they're going to die…I guess cowboys have a different tolerance to cigarettes than everyone else.

Elias is very particular about how his teeth are being brushed. If I am not doing satisfactory work, I'll hear "Cut it out!" This is exciting because we are always encouraging him to use three words in his sentences. Nailed it!

And Pia, well, Pia is almost two. You can probably guess that her favorite word is no. She says no to what she doesn't want and no to what she does want...

…and I'm pretty sure her jaw is detached when she's telling me this pretty little word!

I hope by documenting these moments, my children will have a good laugh one day. And of course I will show their children too!


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