Baby To Boy

The night before I became a mother I ate a big piece of juicy steak, one large baked potato, salad, and a piece of apple pie. I sat at my in-laws dining room table with my thoughts taken over by the contractions that tightened around my belly. I had no idea how my life would change in just a few hours. A little baby that would bring me to tears of joy and tears of exhaustion. A baby that would turn into a boy and everything about him would be passionate.

I look down at this little boy that used to be my baby and I wonder how we've come this far. How we have loved, fought, and forgiven. How someone could drive me wild-in-love with them, and the next moment drive me crazy. 

Today is six years made up of small moments that have changed both of us. I am celebrating him and I am celebrating how he has made me love life more!


© 2014 Natalie Falls