An Unexpected Summer

When the summer began I had expectations of how it would go. I planned on finishing my book as soon as possible, but life took a few unexpected turns and I had to set it aside.

I will never forget this summer. I have been awake early (with coffee), my heart desperate to find wisdom from the Lord. I have been reminded that my strength truly does come from God.

Last night I finished the last few touches of my book. I sat on my couch and read something that I forgot I had written…"How could I possibly go through the dark hours of another miscarriage? I fear pain and loss...there are some things I beg God to not let me go through again."

I read those words and felt the pain from my recent miscarriage, the miscarriage I had gone through just months after writing those words. I thought about the peace I have been given to trust in God's timing. I am so thankful that God is faithful. He holds me close and gives me rest. 

Last night I finished reading through the book. I am amazed at how I have changed and how I am still slow to change in other areas. I am reminded that life is a process.

This next week I will hand my book over to my editor, who also happens to be my husband. Sign up for the email list on the left side of the page (under "The Mural And The Maker") and I'll let you know when it's released!


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