A New Journey

Soon after Elias was born I saw a side of Aaron that I had never seen before. I had never heard him cry like I did the day we found out Elias had Down syndrome. We had been working towards our goal for years. Now everything had changed. We were devastated. I couldn’t help my husband. I didn’t know what to say to him. I remember the night he had a hard time holding Elias. It broke my heart, but I knew he was working through everything. I tucked Elias’ swadled little body next to Aaron’s hurting heart, hoping his son could help him heal.

A few weeks later, Aaron came home and told me about this song he had listened to, and how it brought him to tears. The song was called You Have Me, by Güngör. I listened with him. We listened to their album constantly. Then the next album, and the one after that. We went to all their concerts when they came through southern California. Now I watch my kids rock out to their music on the way to school. Elias sings all their songs (including the guitar solos), he has been memorizing their music since he was a baby.

Then I read the post on their blog today. It has been over four years since our hearts have been connected to their music. There was a picture of them holding their newborn daughter, Lucy. I looked at the photo closely. I recognized those eyes. There was something sweet about her face that looked so familiar to me. I couldn’t believe it. “No way! She has Down syndrome...” I hugged Aaron and we were both taken back to our first days when Elias was born. Then I remembered, I had put Elias’ birth movie to one of their songs. I’ve been crying on and off all day. I am overwhelmed with emotion as this family begins a journey that they did not choose. How beautiful that all along, God knew that they would one day walk a similar path as us.

It is not a coincidence that four years ago, God would use their music for healing. Oh how I wish I could give something back to them. When I didn't know what to say to my hurting husband, they spoke to him, and they didn't even know it.


© 2014 Natalie Falls