A Life Well Lived

Last week my sister and I sat by my sweet aunt and listened to the last words she would say to us. We leaned in, waiting for wisdom and beautiful honesty, because she was really good at giving that. We cried together and I watched as she laughed. I didn't ever want to forget her beautiful smile, and the way she would throw her head back and laugh from the deepest part of her soul. Her eyes were filled with joy as she told us why her life was so good, "A life with Christ is a life well lived." She told us how her life wasn't painless, but the most difficult times have brought her closer to Christ. 

Our help does indeed come from Him, our sufferings connect us with Jesus as we know Him in them, we do experience both the tribulation in this world and the cheer of His overcoming it, and we hang on to the proof that His love for us is not in our circumstances—it is at the cross of Christ. When no one else can be there—He is!
— Carolyn Koch (Aunt Carolyn)

I love my aunt and I will miss her so much. How sweet to know she is free from pain and suffering and she is dancing in heaven! Her life carries on a sweet legacy of hope for so many, what a privilege to know her. 


© 2014 Natalie Falls