A Journey To Share

I have been given so much love and support in the last five years, as I have tried to navigate being a mother to a little guy with Down syndrome. Strangers have quickly become my closest friends. We have something that we can't explain. My family has accepted and proudly walked this unknown journey alongside of us. They have been gracious to me when I have experienced lows, and have celebrated the highs. I have met incredible people through my blog that I am so thankful for. People that are dear to me. Because of my son, I have realized how much I need others.

Every year we celebrate Elias and his friends at our local Buddy Walk. It's a time that makes me reflect back on all that he has accomplished and how far we've come as a family. It's a time to show our love…because we're crazy about him!

Thank you for sharing in our journey! And a big thank you to my sister-in-law, Nicole, for capturing this day for us!


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