A Homecoming They'll Never Forget


"I feel like it's my wedding day all over again!" Butterflies fluttered through my friend's stomach as she anticipated the arrival of her beloved. For eight months and two days she missed him. She played the role of a single mother and leaned hard on her church and family. For eight months and two days she missed his kisses, the way he looked at her, and how he played with their girls. Some days were harder than others. And like never before she became desperate for the one who was her husband's greatest protector. She fell in love with the one who gave her rest and could comfort her when no other human could. She looked to the one who made her and she became a different woman. Eight months and two days of stretching, molding, and strengthening can be a painful thing, but she would never change it. She trusted God through the pain and she began to see his beauty.

 I watched her as she held her baby close and tears broke free—his plane was in sight. Her beloved was home. She waited patiently for the distant figure of the man she loved and knew so well to walk towards her— then she saw him. This brave man that fights for freedom is home, standing on the ground of their country. She finds her place in his arms. They make up for eight months and two days. He says "I love you." and she says it back, and they say it again, and again.


He touches her face and presses his lips against her forehead. He can't take his eyes off his littlest girl, and he can't squeeze his firstborn tight enough. The nights he laid awake in bed and dreamed of what they would feel like is now a reality….how precious they all felt in his arms.


I am amazed how distance, painful moments, or unexpected circumstances can change the way we live. They heighten our senses and speak to our soul of what is most important. The things in life that seem unbearable are often the things that make us more passionate.



© 2014 Natalie Falls