You Are My Heart

How do I tell you, my Love?...How deep my thoughts are for you.  


In the very early hours of a warm morning in July, you filled my arms. I was a girl, naïve to sacrifice, patience, and forgiveness. But you have taught me all those things. You have taught me to lie down with you and cry out for forgiveness when I was a mean mommy. When I shouted too loud. When anger brought you to tears.

You have reminded me that there is so much more to life than cleaning and cooking.

Your stories captivate me. Your imagination brings me laughter. Your love for others reminds me of what I want to be like. 


I never thought that a five-year-old could teach me so much. 

As I held you close that early summer morning, I became a different woman. My thoughts were about you. 


You have changed me forever. You are my heart, my firstborn baby.  

Happy birthday, my Love. 



© 2014 Natalie Falls