V Lingo (4)

V: Mom do you have to go poop? 

Me: No! Why? 

V: Because you're just sitting there trying to hold it in, you dirty rat! 


"I am a man! I drink lots of coffee and beer too. I have a beard, that makes me an eagle scout."


Me: "Vitali, take your chain saw outside, it's too loud."

V: "But I have to cut up fish guts."

Me: "Then do it quietly, or go outside."

V: "Or I could cut your buns off!"


V: "Hey mom, your poop and all the people's poop goes inside of my drain."

Me: "Wow that's a lot of poop!"

V: "Yeah, well it goes into all kinds of drains and then SHOOTS into the ocean!"


"Pirate booby traps are all around...(thinking)...But I don't know why it starts with a booby..."



© 2014 Natalie Falls