There are a few things I can take credit for in my life. One of those would be giving my oldest brother his nickname. When we were little, my sister was eloquent in her speech, clearly calling my brother "James-boy". I was not so eloquent—leaving my brother with "Bo". Just "Bo". To this day he remains "Bo".

Today, Bo turned thirty-two. He has been living in Indonesia the last few months. He's an adventurous wild man, and has a hard time sitting still. He knows what it's like to surf the bluest barrels, paddle the vast open ocean, and bike the steepest of mountains.

Bo has taken some sharp turns in his life. He's climbed the face of  mountains and walked through the driest of deserts. I guess you could say he has learned the hard way a few times. But you know what? I'm proud of Bo. God has shown him grace and he is learning to comprehend all of it. I'm proud of the leader he is. And I love how he enjoys life.

Our family would not be what it is today if we didn't have him. Happy birthday Bo, we love you!


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