The Wall

A Year ago my dad had the opportunity to visit The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial to say goodbye to some of the men he fought with in the Vietnam War. Visiting The Wall was a long-awaited journey for him. I hope you are touched by his honesty like I am...

As I stood and looked at "The Wall" from a distance I felt myself being drawn to it. This is why I was here: to say goodbye to my courageous young fallen brothers in arms. I was overcome by indescribable emotion as I searched for the name... John M Johns Jr., there he was. I reached out and touched his name and I was instantly transported inside the wall. I could see myself in the reflection of the black marble as I pictured John and the others standing in front of me.

I spoke to them. "Goodbye guys, thank you for your service to this great country. I'm leaving now, but I will never forget you or your great sacrifice". I removed my hand from The Wall and I was immediately on the outside again. A 43-year-old burden was lifted that early morning in June. I thank God for men like the ones I left behind that day.

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