The Most Ideal Christmas

I don't want to miss it. Sometimes I think the more I add the more special it will be. I want to make Christmas big; with all my lights strung and ornaments hung. And then I remember, I can't make it any bigger than it is.

When Christ came, He made it big.


Even if I create the ideal Christmas for my family, I have nothing more to offer than what has already been done. I can't make it better; it is the best.

I fight back the expectations of my ideal and sit in awe of The ideal. Christ, here on earth. The ideal for all mankind. Nothing is bigger than Him. Nothing can be taken from Him or added to Him.

My mind is quiet and I am overwhelmed with peace. You don't have to do anything. I have done everything.


And what will my children see? Will they see a beautifully decorated house, the perfect gifts, and the most incredible Christmas meal? Or will they see the time we spent as a family; showing them Christmas. Will they know and understand the baby in the manger, and what He did for them? Will they know that He is the most important thing ever? Their ideal. The best. The biggest. There is nothing else—He is everything.


"Let us leave the wrapping and the decking and the performing and come, awe at God. Your hands need not bring anything of your own making. What God wants for Christmas is simply your bended knee."—Ann Voscamp



© 2014 Natalie Falls