Thanksgiving In My Soul

It is easy to be thankful when life is going my way; and nothing is painful, and nothing hurts. I have had my days of searching for thanksgiving. 

I am amazed how God can use the ugly and painful moments in my life to open and lift my eyes. Even in death, I have found thanksgiving. When I said goodbye to my third and fourth babies and I could barely lift my head, and my lungs hurt to inhale another breath. I wrapped my arms around the living, the ones who were still by my side and I cried out to God with more thanksgiving than before the losses. Sometimes when something or someone is taken from us, we stop. We slow down. We take less for granted.

Four years have gone by and I feel thanksgiving in my soul. My eyes look at life differently. I've learned to appreciate the imperfection that makes me love more. And with loss I have fallen more in love with life. In moments of loss I have felt hopeless. In hopelessness I have been given hope, and I can lift my eyes again—and I give thanks.

In the easy times and the difficult times, happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!



© 2014 Natalie Falls