Short But Sweet

Whenever we hit the road and visit people we love, I always come back refreshed. I feel inspired to be a better mom and wife. I want to redecorate my house like my cousin's. And I find myself daydreaming about all our new memories. Our visit was short, but it was so sweet.


I mentioned in my last post that my cousin asked me to come and speak to some of the women in her church. I had never shared with a large group of people for more than five minutes, so thirty minutes was a stretch for me. When I was sharing our story about Elias and all the things God has brought me through, I was so blessed. I really feel undeserving of the ways God has changed me and all the gifts he has given me. It was so awesome to be able to put that into words; through stories, my bible, and of course a few tears. 


After visiting with my amazing cousin, Liz, we hopped back in our van and headed to the bay area to visit my childhood friend. Her name is Natalie too. The last time I saw Natalie was when she was eight months pregnant with her little girl, Autumn, and I was seven months pregnant with Elias. We had a lot to talk about. 

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Here are some of my notes from what I shared this weekend...

It has taken me a while to realize that my daily weaknesses bring me closer to God. Everyday there are reminders of my weakness, and it should be a sweet reminder of my dependency and desperation for Christ. Not feeling sorry for myself that I will never be a good mom, or guilt that I am messing up my children. But a reminder of God as my helper and strength. My trials are opportunities to learn what God has for me. He wants me to commune with him. He wants me to come to Him in my weakness so that I have to depend on his strength. He is faithful to build my character and give me perseverance. (Romans 5:3-5)



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