Setting The Bar

The other day I had a meeting at Elias' school. When the meeting was over I stopped by Elias' class to give him a smooch and be on my way. I was walking towards the lunch tables when I saw all of Elias' classmates enjoying their lunch. Except for Elias. I asked the teacher's aide, "Where's Elias?" She looked around frantically, "He was right here!" Both of our eyes caught a glance of a sloth-like-creature on the ground. Something was moving low and slow. It was Elias trying to escape, and he knew if he was low profile, his chances were greater.

One thing I love about Elias is that he knows what he wants. Elias can't communicate as much with words, so he figures out other ways to do it. The day I saw Elias escape at the lunch tables wasn't because he didn't want to be with his class. He knew what he wanted. It was hot and he wanted to eat his lunch in the shade.

Or yesterday when he wouldn't stay in his bed at nap time. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to read a book under his bed.

Or when he figured out how to get onto his brother's bed, because everyone knows the top bunk is the coolest!

Things might look a little different with Elias, but it doesn't mean he's not smart. No way! We set his bar high, and he meets it. It might take a little longer but the dude needs a high bar.

Besides, if I set a low bar for Elias you would find him lounging on a blanket in the shade with potato chips, a lemonade, and my iPad...all day.

I love being Elias's mom. It's pretty fun to see what he'll come up with next. I guess we make a good team...he keeps me on my toes, I keep him on his.


© 2014 Natalie Falls