Out The Door!

As I sat in the car in the solitude of my chair. I took a deep breath and thanked God for carseats and seat belts. Not only do I like carseats for safety, but I really love them for some alone time. I consider it my coffee break.

I began to laugh as I thought about everything that had just happened as we were trying to get out the door for school. Like when my husband came running down the hall with wide eyes and shaving cream on his face and razor in hand, "What happened! Why did you scream?" His cute half shaved face calmed my nerves, "Oh, Elias almost fell off the top bunk onto Pia, but it's fine now." He walked back down the hall and finished shaving. But that wasn't the last of my screaming and screeching heart failure morning.

I think I had reached my stress limit when Elias had pulled back the door to the garage to give it a nice slam! I screamed, "Elias, nooooo!" And Pia, in shock of her mother's drama, moved her hand just in time from not getting her fingers broken in the slam and weight of the door.

Once I was in the car, I laughed at the what could have happened, but thank God didn't happen. And I really did thank God. I allowed Him to capture my heart and be thankful for three children that are safe and somehow not broken or bruised.

I laughed more as I thought about my reaction to all the craziness. My kids and husband must be so entertained by my motherly reactions.

As I drove my boys to school, my heart and nerves felt worn out. But I didn't want that to have control over the rest of our day. I reached my hand back and touched my girls soft curls and I looked in the rearview mirror to see my boys laughing and singing. "I love you guys, today is going to be a beautiful day!" 

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© 2014 Natalie Falls