Nine Years Of Grace (Our Anniversary)

Nine years ago I walked down the aisle to my first Love. I had never had a boyfriend before Aaron. And I was his first girlfriend. Our wedding day was pure bliss. Everyone we adored was there, cheering us on. My wedding dress that my mom spent hours and days sewing, felt so good as it hugged tight around my body. My veil swept down my back and trailed behind me, I was ready. All the details were in place. Well, at least I assumed they were in place. I had more important things consuming my thoughts. Things like tall, dark, and handsome were on my mind...and I was headed straight for him.


The day I said "I do" and sealed it with a kiss, was the beginning of an adventure that would teach me about grace like never before. You see, we were just kids. He was nineteen and I was twenty-one, taking on the biggest responsibility of our lives. But we were ready for the long as it went according to our plans.

photo 2

It has taken us years to understand that having a responsibility doesn't mean that we can control the outcome of what we are responsible for. Through our responsibilities we have learned to be more dependent on God. We experience beauty as we desperately cling to Christ.


As I stare at the mural of our marriage. Some parts are hard to look at, the brush strokes are dark and unpleasant, leaving me with a knot in my stomach. Other parts bring tears to my eyes because of its striking beauty. All of it is humbling.


I take a step back. This canvas is a picture of grace. When we have been selfish, Christ has been faithful to pull us out of darkness and filth and make something of us that we could not have created on our own. When we were ready to give up, He gave us the grace to stay home, to find forgiveness and healing.


I am not the same person I was nine years ago, neither is Aaron. We have gotten to know the best parts and the worst parts of each other. When life gave it's hardest blows and we were tempted to escape; our hearts taunted, our marriage mocked--we became lovers of God. We clung to grace.


We have fallen and it has never been this world that has rescued us. It has always been our Creator, the one who designed marriage. He has rescued us and given us nine years of grace.


Today we celebrate...not what we have accomplished or the beautiful marriage that is seen on the outside. But we celebrate because our marriage is a reflection of God's grace. It is a reflection of His breathtaking artistry; a painting that only He could create.


Photo credit to my beautiful sister-in-law. Thank you for capturing a glimpse of our love, a portion of His grace.


© 2014 Natalie Falls